Direct Mindpower LLC

Direct Mindpower LLC offers Hypnotherapy with NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Total Health Consultation, Spiritual Counseling, Angel Therapy, Angel Card Reading, Handwriting Analysis, Pranic Healing (including pets), AcuPranic Therapy, workshops, classes in Hypnosis and Self-Help, and CPR and First Aid Classes.

If you would like to know our monthly events, please sign up our monthly newsletter on our Facebook page or directly on our website at

For appointments, please call us at 480-450-8070 or simply go to our website at

We offer different services at Gilbert and Phoenix locations.

***Office houses: 9AM to 5PM (Mon to Fri) and 9AM to 1PM (Sat)
***By Appointments Only

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Simply call us and mention this coupon code when making your appointment. DD214/DoD IDs will be required as a proof. *** 1 per person only
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03 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015
Voucher Code
How to claim
Simply call us and mention this coupon code when making your appointment. DD214/DoD IDs will be required as a proof. *** 1 per person only

Item Name Price
Hypnotherapy $138
Total Health Consultation $111
Energy Healing $100
Angel Card Reading $22

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@directmindpower Apr 25, 23:52

Rocky's new life jacket.. @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 17, 04:56

Kids..are all sleeping right now...Happy Easter @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 17, 04:53

Loki and Tuney..sleeping together @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 17, 04:48

Summer...time @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 16, 00:07

$10 produce (up to 60lbs) today in Phoenix! @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 15, 22:09

Veteran and military women's expo 2017 @ Grand Canyon University

@directmindpower Apr 14, 22:53

Chichi in a stroller @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 14, 22:51

Chichi is so happy to go out with us on a stroller since it is getting hot out... @ Phoenix,…

@directmindpower Apr 11, 00:16

He is such a goof! #Loki #RottweilerShepherd @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 11, 00:14

With Loki @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 10, 21:59

I love Rocky. He is such a wonderful hiking buddy! @ Lake Pleasant Regional Park

@directmindpower Apr 10, 21:58

Karrie, Rocky, and I are here at #LakePleasant @ Lake Pleasant Regional Park

@directmindpower Apr 10, 21:57

With Rocky @ Lake Pleasant Regional Park

@directmindpower Apr 10, 06:13

Loki is giving TLC to Jessie - cleaning her ears... @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 05, 06:54

Jacky loves to be everywhere including the I put a bed inside of the tub just in…

@directmindpower Apr 05, 02:34

Darcy and Summer @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 04, 09:22

I liked a @YouTube video from @powerthoughts33 Detachment from Overthinking & Stress | Boost Positive Healing

@directmindpower Apr 04, 08:06

Karrie and Jessie.. @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 04, 06:49

My Jessie... @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 03, 19:26

Kids on Monday morning... @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 02, 07:32

Kids are on my bed waiting for where is my spot??! lol @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 01, 19:13

Loki is spending a little alone time with me... @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Apr 01, 18:59

Summer and I on a Saturday morning.. @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Mar 30, 07:23

They are just too cute!! @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Mar 30, 07:08

Finally Darcy is joining us.. @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Mar 30, 06:51

Bigger fur babies are staying on the now 10 out of 11 dogs are all chilling with…

@directmindpower Mar 30, 06:47

I love having them with me (most of the time when I am not working). As you can see that my bed…

@directmindpower Mar 30, 06:06

Kids are chilling in my room to rest while I am watching movies. @ Phoenix, Arizona

@directmindpower Mar 29, 23:58

Rocky got his new shoes.... @ Phoenix, Arizona